Reclaim - “not the issue of whether God exists or not”

The Keeping Religion Private Movement discusses not the issue of whether God exists or not, but whether God and religion should exist lest godmen, politicians, and terrorists recreate it inefficiently and faultily.

Seemly, it is an existential need for each religion to “reclaim” its identity and charisma of the religious leaders which are losing due to the onslaught of fake:

  1. Godmen – false prophets, eschatologists, apocalypticism, esoteric knowledge, extraterrestrial beings’ influence, eschatological speculation, etc. 
  2. Politicians – false political discourse, conspiracy theories, ultranationalism, etc.
  3. Terrorists – religious fanaticism, fundamentalism, etc

Towards a Genuine Approach:

  1. A historical, critical, and scientific study of religion and beliefs – A permanent re-inventing
  2. Faith in the ingenuity of human consciousness that is always in the process of becoming
  3. The human will and conscious decisions matter in the making and sustainability of the world.
  4. Humans are the only species found to exist in the known universe and planet earth is the only place to have a conscious life in the universe existing so far.

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